Feb 20, 2017

EP182: Jo and the Magician

Jo returns before she diappears off again to regale us with tales from planet Jo. Which should tell you all you need to know.


Feb 12, 2017

EP181: He Came, he argued, he left

Stephen stops by to say hello, and goodbye as he is moving away for a while (sad face). But he goes out with a bang, discussing everything from the UK's entry for Eurovision to defending Brexit.


Warning: It does get a bit politics heavy, and there's no quiz




Feb 5, 2017

EP180: BTBullseye

180! In our Darts themed episode BTB debutant Charlene, visits the studios to talk to us about her time on CBBC's M.I. High, racism, religion, the mean streets of Catford, and much more


Jan 30, 2017

EP179: Hoyduken!

Liam Hoy makes his long awaited return to the BTB studios to recount his year living and working in Australia; Including deadly spiders, stand-offs with Buffalo, and weighing up what's worse; an argument with your girlfriend or having a heart attack whilst dangling from a rope 100m over the ground


Jan 20, 2017

EP178: Emma Watson and the Drag Nazis

Tamsyn Kelly is our first guest of 2017 as we talk drag Nazis, the folly of children and smart technology, food boundries, Tamsyn' dislike of Emma Watson, and much more


Jan 15, 2017

Awards show 2016 pt2

The wait is over! Part 2 of the 2016 awards show is here, with the highly anticipated Best Guest of the Year award!


Jan 8, 2017

Awards show 2016 pt1

We kick off 2017 with a round up of all the best (and worst) bits of 2016. Oh yes, it's time for the BadTimeBabble awards show! (part 1)


Dec 25, 2016

EP177: Christmas show 2016 pt2

Part 2 of our BTB Christmas fun fest. Featuring Jo Wills, Clare Callan, and Gareth Simpson. Merry Christmas! 


Dec 19, 2016

EP177: Christmas show 2016 pt1

The BTB crew gets all festive in part 1 of our Christmas extravaganza. Dave Alexander, Phil Krstic, and Clare Callan join us to talk all things yuletide. Part 2 is out on Friday 


Dec 15, 2016

EP176: Bobbing Along

Dave Alexander and Curtis Giron-Towers join us for a chilled out look at (amongst others) inflatable dog droppings, the folly of asking the internet to name something, and farting vaginas.


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